Who am I?

Hello and welcome! I'm The Elf - no, not Legolas, but a girl who identifies closely with her nickname of The Elf.

I am a Christian, Australian, twenty-something, fun-loving writer.

I currently work as a dietitian - and no, I won't judge you for what you eat, yes, I do eat chocolate (I enjoy it too) and sorry, I can see straight through your protest that you don't NORMALLY eat such and such [insert unhealthy food name here]. (I don't actually care what you eat by the way unless you're one of my clients so don't feel like you have to make excuses to me!!)

I have been writing since about the age of 6 (poetry, stories, novels) and hope that a regular platform for writing (i.e. blogging) will help develop and improve my skillz.

Being an Aussie and all, I'm pretty friendly, mate, so if you want to contact me at all for any reason, feel free to comment on my blog or shoot me an email at apple8blossom@gmail.com

"Willawa", the name of my blog, is an Aboriginal word meaning "stop here".  You can find this definition and many other Aboriginal words here.

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MovieCritic said...

That was just what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing your expirience! It is so wonderful, that with all that is happening in the world, you are able to find the Lord. Thank you so very much for reminding me of that as I go through my day. Thank you!