Sunday, 17 September 2017

It's been a while...

Hi! It's me! Do you remember who I am? It's been quite a while, hasn't it? I'm back home (for a month now) from what has been the most amazing, challenging, and rewarding experience in my life so far and I wish so much that I could drop everything and go right back.  Yup, I'm back from my (life-changing) travel and camp in USA and what can I say other than it was so much more full on that I thought it would be and so SO much more incredible than I could have possibly imagined.

I met people from 15 different countries around the world, made friends for life with some of them, met up with the wonderful Ashley of Inklings Press (see her post here about it), and got to know and trust in the love of my life (His name's Jesus 😉)more and more.

I'm already planning my next trip back and between that and a very packed social life right now, I can't promise that I'll be around here much, but I'll try!

Keep an eye out for a more detailed post on a topic very dear to my heart coming hopefully soon!

Love and light xx