Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Hallo, it's me... General Life Update

Uh... it's been a while, hasn't it? Still, better late than never, right? (Fingers crossed this is not what I said on my last post!)  I have thought about blogging reasonably frequently in the last month or so since I've last posted but life is so crazily, stressfully, happily, depressingly FULL right now that blogging just slips further and further down the list of things to do.  Reading has as well so I'm afraid I did very badly on my March list and even worse for April - especially since I didn't even have a list.

So why is life so packed right now? The number one reason has to be that in less than 3 weeks, I fly from Australia to USA for 3 months and I've still plenty of preparation to do.  Why? I'm travelling for a month then working as a camp counsellor for two months.  It's going to be an amazingly fun and unforgettable experience I know - but (why does life always have to have buts?) when I signed up for it eight or nine months ago, my life was completely different from where it is now which is making things a little difficult! I now have a demanding full time job, my sister is getting married at the end of the year (and I'm maid of honour) plus the last 7-8 months have seen a massive upheaval of my personal life and various relationships. It's a LOT to handle all at once and honestly, I don't know how I could get by if I didn't have a God who makes all things possible or friends who listen to me rant and pour out my fears then pray for me, message me, and just care for me. It means the world.

 I'm going all Anne Shirley with the capitals and italics aren’t I?! Still, hopefully that gives a bit of an idea of why I haven't blogged lately. By the time I come home from work, I'm too tired to blog and I'm stressing about USA preparation and then I just lie on the couch cuddling my sister's kitten and do nothing 😓😓 Speaking of kittens, here he is:

Isn't he a gorgeous boy? Aragorn (Ari) is temporarily living at our house and is one of the cutest, friendliest kittens I have known 💓

Anyway, I won't have much time (or wifi) to blog over the next three months but I will (believe it or not) have time to read! Part of my travel in the USA includes several hour coach trips so I will pack reading material and try to smash out my monthly readings.

Here's my hit list:

Old-  Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
New- The Magic World (E Nesbit)
Rhyme - Collected Poetry (AB 'Banjo' Paterson) - half
Renew- Book of John

Old- The Abbey Girls (E J Oxenham)
New- Nineteen Eighty-four (George Orwell)
Rhyme- Collected Poetry (AB 'Banjo' Paterson) - other half
Renew- Book of Joshua

Old- Miss Billy's Decision (E H Porter)
New- Agnes Grey (Anne Bronte)
Rhyme- Shakespeare's sonnets (William Shakespeare) - half
Renew- Book of Romans

Old- Whatever I decide at that point
New- Three Men and a Maid (PG Wodehouse)
Rhyme- Shakespeare's sonnets (William Shakespeare) - other half
Renew- Book of Isaiah

You may notice that they all seem to be older books - well that's simply because the older books are available as free pdfs online so I can read them on my phone :)

Finally, I'm not sure when I'll be posting next, but in case you go through anything tough or just want to praise God, I'm going to leave what is currently my favourite worship song here. Have a listen - it's well worth it!


Vanessa Best said...

THATS SO COOL. I am so jealous of you and your traveling journey to camp. It sounds like it will be so much fun. If I can ask which camp? I'm curious. I was going to work at a summer camp but things work out as realized. Until next year I guess.

Miss March said...

Wow. You have a had a busy life lately, haven't you? And it doesn't sound like it's about to slow down either. YOU'RE COMING TO THE USA?! How fun! I hope you have safe travels and a marvelous, marvelous time! (Have you ever been to the US before?)

MovieCritic said...

Good luck! Sounds like you will have so much fun!!!

That kitten! <3 :D

The Elf said...

@Vanessa yes I'm sure it will be heaps of fun! I'm too stressed to realise that at the moment lol but I know once I get over there, I'm going to have a ball :) It's a camp in New Jersey.

@Miss March - hah! Since writing this post life got EVEN BUSIER if you can believe it :'( :'( Work suddenly has gotten verrrry busy after being quiet for a couple of months and to top it off, I just smashed my new phone today so have to fix that before I leave *sobs* Nope! I've never been out of Australia before so I'm really looking forward to this! I'm actually hoping to meet up with Ashley at Inklings Press if you follow her blog so that will be cool if it happens!

Thanks @MovieCritic! :)