Sunday, 16 October 2016

Blogger Recognition Award

So I've not exactly been tagged but in a reply to a comment I left on her blog, the lovely Miss March suggested I fill out the tag.  I, being the tag lover I am, naturally could not resist. Here goes then - "The Blogger Recognition Award"! Rules are as follows:

Thank the blogger who nominated you
Tell a little bit about how you started blogging
Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
Nominate 15 other bloggers 

1. Many Thanks

Thanks Miss March! If you don't know her blog, check it out. Now. Then come back here to finish reading this.

2. Blogging Story

Once upon a time, not so very long ago at all, I started a blog.  Actually that's pretty much the story so far since I only began blogging about a month ago.  I'd thought about it for a few years but it took me a while to finally plunge in and create my own little soapbox for proclaiming my opinions to the world!  Never mind, a little beginning blog can be just as exciting as one of the "big" established blogs because you don't know what its future will be and there's still a whole story to unravel ahead.

3. Advice

It seems a little bit presumptuous of me to dole out advice on how to run a blog when I've only been at it for a month but hey, blame whoever made up these questions, not me! Besides, I certainly had a lot of opinions about blogs back when I was merely a reader not a writer. In short, my two pieces of advice are as follows:

1. Don't expect to change the whole world...
Let's face it, our blogs are very important to us authors personally, but they're not to many other people out there. Fact is, your brilliantly crafted post on Relevant Deep Thought probably won't end up being one of those ones that gets shared thousands of times and goes viral and has hundreds of comments from people saying how you changed their thinking / life.   Write about subjects you enjoy / are passionate about but don't be disappointed when you get little reaction, ok?

2....but expect to change a little bit of the world.
Having said the above, it's not wrong to have goals for a blog.  In fact, this can help eliminate aimless rambling posts which get skipped over by bored readers.  Your brilliantly crafted post on Relevant Deep Thought might not go viral, but it might touch one person's life.  Alternatively, your series of amusing reviews on Recently Seen Movie Series might just give someone the laugh they needed that day.  Have a purpose for your blog and use it to glorify God and you might just change a tiny bit of the world.

4. Nominations

I thought long and hard about whether I'd actually do this step or not. I've not been blogging that long at all and other bloggers don't really know me yet so I don't want to annoy them with a tag.  On the other hand, whatever, what have I got to lose? So, here's a handful of people I've chosen to nominate.  (Apologies if you've previously been nominated).


There you go, one exact handful.  It's not 15 but 15 is a multiple of 5 so I've almost answered the question. ;)

Adios xx

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Anne of Green Gables Tag!

G'day, g'day! Another day, another tag, this time by Miss Evie of Over the Hills to celebrate Anne of Green Gables week.  Her tag questions can be found here and my answers can be found below!

1. How did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?

I believe it was through listening to a dramatisation on tape of the first book.  We used to listen to it a lot as kids and I'm pretty sure that was the first time I heard the story! That's a loooong time ago now and I can't really remember when I first read the books but I was pretty young.

2. Are you more like Anne or Diana? Why?

Haha, if you ask my best friend, I am incredibly similar to Anne. I would hope I'm not quite as silly as she is at times (particularly as a child) but there are absolutely similarities - impetuousness, falling headlong into scrapes, talkativeness, affection and the list goes on.  Having said that, my best friend is definitely a Diana type so we've got the whole Anne-Diana dynamic goin' on.

3. If Rachel Lydne called your hair as red as carrots how would you react? 

Thank you! Red hair is beautiful! Having said that, although the carrots comment was a real trigger for Anne, Rachel Lynde also called her skinny, freckled, and ugly so no wonder Anne flew off the handle.

4. Gilbert or Morgan Harris? 

Gilbert of course! Morgan Harris is a made up perversion by the fake films! He was based on Roy Gardiner from Anne of the Island and yes, I'd still choose Gilbert over Roy mostly because Roy had no sense of humour and was incredibly boring.

5. Honest opinion on the third Anne film. 

Never seen it, never will see it.  I've read a synopsis and seen a few clips but I loved the books so to be true to them, I refuse to watch it.  The second Anne film was bad enough.

6. Have you seen the New Anne film? 

No? I might have read about it but I'm not sure.  I'll have to suss it out so thanks for the info!

7. What in your own words is a Kindred Spirit?

A "kindred spirit" is a person with whom you just "click". Often within a few moments of meeting them, you just know you're going to get along.  You like a lot of the same things but there's also enough differences for you to complement each other.  You can talk deep, talk random and talk shallow without reservation and end up being close friends.

8.  Movie Gilbert or Green Gables Fables Gilbert?

I think I've seen maybe part of one episode of Green Gables Fables so I've not seen that Gilbert.  By process of elimination therefore, I guess I choose movie Gilbert. :)

9.  Does anyone know where we can watch Road to Avonlea online?

Buy it off itunes if it's on there? I've never watched it actually, and not sure I'd be interested.  From the sounds of it, they've mashed up a few LM Montgomery stories together and since I loooove all her books, I'm not sure I can stomach too many changes to them.

10. Favourite book cover? 

Hands down this one for Rilla of Ingleside:


11. The Films or The Books?

Books absolutely! They contain a charm and magic that the movies could never touch.  The books have the Anne that LM Montgomery created and the Anne that she meant her to be.  The first movie isn't too bad (apart from the complete and utter miscasting and misunderstanding of Rachel Lynde and to some extent Marilla) but the second movie was not great overall.  I'm still waiting for a really good adaption of each Anne book so movie directors give me a call.

Farewell as romantic Anne would say xx

Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Different Types of Bloggers

I've only been blogging for a few weeks but I've read a lot of different blogs over the past years and have decided (for a bit of fun) to do a post about some of the different types of bloggers out there. Disclaimer, this post does not necessarily include all the categories of bloggers! Disclaimer 2, yes, I'm being sarcastic but that doesn't mean  I don't like you - or your blog. ;) Without any further ado folks, give it up for six different types of bloggers!

1. The Amateur Bloggers

Or as I prefer to call them, teen girl bloggers. Generally (but not always) on blogger, they post about books, movies, crushes (including lots of "squees" and "ships"), and general rambling life posts. Normally Christian, American and / or in their teens.  Probably one of the friendliest categories of bloggers. My blog falls into this group or at least my intended audience is in this group.

2.  The Christian Bloggers
Tackle all the heavy, controversial theological / moral issues. Can struggle to tolerate other opinions.  Range from the amateur end where they post lots of deep posts to the more professional blogger end of the scale a la Matt Walsh.

3. The Food Bloggers
 Devote themselves to the one topic: Food.  Spend hours perfecting the right shot in the right lighting and with the right editing. Recipes range from the standard to the weird to the Gordon Ramsay.

4. The Hipster Bloggers
NEVER blog at Blogger but share deep and profound thoughts on the most trivial of things. Share instagram worthy super edited photos snapped on their Nikon D4. Posts include finding tiny aesthetic cafes and listening to James Bay music. Enjoy posting and arguing about political views.

5. The Mommy Bloggers
 Because the facebook audience isn't big enough to appreciate mama's little darling. Posts about gluten free, sugar free kitchen experiments and essential oils.  Pictures tend to consist more of modest mommy fashion than of the kids.

6. The Professional Bloggers
Blogging is not Fun. Blogging is A Very Serious Business.  Also never blog at Blogger but use their own domain. Make money off their blogging.  Generally incredibly boring.

So there you go! Six different types of bloggers stripped down for the general public to more easily understand.  Do you agree? Which one are YOU?

Until next time xx